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CollaborationOne, in conjunction with the Cisco Borderless solution, ensures a rich user experience with clean media, anywhere, with any content, from the cloud on any device to any consumer model.

CollaborationOne resides in a neutral Datacenter, which can be naturally integrated to any national or international carrier, whether it's Metro Ethernet or MPLS.

What we offer

CollaborationOne provides multiple tools such as: Telephony and Unified Video, Web Collaboration, Directory, Status and Presence in a consistent interface for any mobile or stationary device.

It is based on Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution which is an enabler of cloud services, and that has the architecture for the management and security.

Mensajeria Enables communication with the team via chat, it optimizes times and encourages the immediate interaction Directorio

Displays the status in which each one of the contacts is found.


It allows you to have access to the collaborative tools from your smartphone or tablet


It allows you to collaborate anytime, anywhere, on any device with our collaboration tools with only having access to the internet.


Allows you to generate and answer calls from any device


Enables videoconferencing from any tablet, laptop, video equipment from anywhere with only having internet access.


Allows integration of voicemail, fax and email in a single mailbox.



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