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Meet our bundles
We offer different plans according to the communication and collaboration needs of your company. All plans are based on per user licensing

Para grupos pequeños de trabajo
La mejor opción para PyMEs en colaboración
Para empresas que requieren el máximo servicio colaborativo
Entire call control b1 b1 b1
Number of devices 1 1 Multiple
Single number reach b2 b2 b2
Services Administration b9 b9 b9
Jabber IM & Presence b5 b5 b3
Messaging (Voicemail, etc) Optional Optional b4
Native Video   b3 b3
Jabber desktop   b6 b6
Jabber mobile   b7 b7
Telepresence licence     b8
Web Conference Optional Optional Optional
Contact center Optional Optional Optional
The licensing Standard Collaboration, covers the need for unified communications to a single collaborator, working on desktop (no mobility), using a simple desktop IP phone, combining the functions of that IP phone to your PC, where you can take advantage of the tools, directory, presence and corporate Jabber Chat, all these features integrated in the license.

The Professional Collaboration licensing adds, full function of Jabber for unified communications including video, so that the collaborators can be integrated to a PC or mobile device, without having to occupy a desktop phone.

The Executive Collaboration Licensing, is the most advanced collaboration product on the market, that includes all the above, plus Telepresence and mobility outside the intranet, with automatic activation of VPN through the 3G network.

All licenses include the Single Number Reach feature and the most complete market-pricing service.


is positioned as a landline and mobile collaboration offering with a high value at an affordable price.